• Rubber Matting

    High quality, interlocking stable mats

    Some of the many benefits of rubber stable mats are:
    Help create a low-dust environment and maintain a more hygienic environment.
    Good for horses that suffer breathing/dust issues, as the mats can be used with no bedding, or with a small amount of low-dust/dust-free bedding.
    Provide cushioning on the concrete floor and a non-slip surface so that when your horse stands up and lies down, it feels more secure.
    The mats also help your horse's joints when it is stabled for long periods.
    Reduce bedding costs as minimal bedding is required for urine absorption.
    Labour-saving, quicker to clean out, less dust in the environment means less dust clearing from stable walls.
    Reduces the amount of waste to be disposed of and saves on bedding storage problems.

  • Interlocking

    Designed to make your mats stay in place in the stable, however these interlocking mats are heavy enough to stay in place without the interlock. High quality rubber to help to protect your horse against the concrete flooring.

    Rubber for walls

    We are working on a design to help put rubber on your stable walls to protect your horse against kicking the walls, we want to make it safe, so no heavy glueing and no metal strips to hold the rubber up - watch this space for further details.

    Anti cast strips

    Another design in progress in strips to help to stop horses getting cast. These strips are especially useful for when you don't use banked bedding.

  • Projects

    Here are some pictures of some of the stables recently fitted out

    Brick stable

    The matting is black, the light colouring is the dust that has accumulated in the 2 days since it was laid 

    Brick stable

    These stables have many curves in the wall that the rubber had to be cut around

    Brick stable

    Pillars in the corners

    Brick stable

    Overall a nice fitting, with rubber that should last a very long time

    Brick stable

    Giving the horse a nice layer of support

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