• Deepline & Rualdo

    Photos & videos from their travels.

    Amsterdam Arrival

    Travel companions to Nella (see below) both Deepline and Rualdo are in the final stages of their journey.

  • Nella's Story

    Nella pictured here with her owner Alana

  • Nella's Story

    Nella is on a journey - it will take a while, but let us tell you about it so far;

    Nella lived in Indonesia

    But her owner wanted her to move

    She never thought this was going to be possible, as it is so difficult to move horses out of Indonesia. It was discovered that sometimes the impossible becomes possible.

    Nella needed to move to Singapore

    Horses from Indonesia cannot move directly to Singapore

    There are rules and regulations on importing animals, so Nella has to complete a residency in another Country, one that does allow horses in from Indonesia.

    Striking lucky

    Moving horses is often difficult and not many move out of Indonesia

    It just so happens that two horses from Jakarta were moving to Malaysia to complete a residency before moving on, Nella could join them! The container can take 3 at a time, this meant it was going to be possible to get her nearer to home.

    The starting point

    Heading to Jakarta

    On the first leg of her epic journey, Nella had to get to Jakarta. She travelled for 2 days on a long and hot journey in a van across Java.

    The Truck

    It's a long way to travel

    All that way in a small truck with limited ventilation, designed for fruits and goods, not horses. However Nella travelled well.


    Meeting her travelling companions

    Nella arrived in Jakarta, a few scrapes and bumps later, but in one piece and stayed in the same stable yard as her travel companions until flight time. Even though she had a space allocated on the plane, travel it doesn't always go smoothly and flights get delayed, so it was any time within a one month period that she might fly out. She had to just wait it out, but at least she was near enough to the airport now.

    Jakarta Airport

    A red eye flight

    They had to load in the middle of the night, so they are all 'comfortably seated' and ready to board the plane on time. Nella wasn't too sure about this means of transport, it was all very new!

    The flight

    After a couple of delays the airport beckoned

    They were set to leave one day but a slight hiccup in the plan was discovered, so the flight had to be delayed for another week. The following week the horses eventually got on a plane to Kuala Lumpur. After a long delay the flight eventually took off, complete with its 3 horse passengers. 

    Landing in Kuala Lumpur

    Safe arrival

    After numerous delays departing, the flight landed early, and the horses were taken off the plane quickly. we wanted to get them to quarantine where they could stretch their legs after being stood in the box for so long. (Nella is hiding on the left)

    Kuala Lumpur Quarantine Station

    30 days in quarantine is a must for any horses from Indonesia

    So, from landing on a hot Saturday morning, Nella travels again, this time in Lans' truck, from KLIA cargo to the quarantine station with her travel companions. It is a short journey of around 15 - 20 minutes.

    Her first Malaysian road trip

    Thanks to Lan for driving us safely to quarantine

    This is the lorry Nella has been using, from Cargo to quarantine, and will use as her journey continues.


    Long boring days

    Nella gets to spend time in the large grass paddock. She’s only ever been in a much smaller dirt paddock. 3 meals a day, twice a day in the paddock and hay all the time – an easy life for a horse!

    Johor Bahru

    Nella moves on without her travel companions

    Nella is now in Riders Lodge, Johor. Her travel companions have moved up to The Meadows in Cameron Highlands. All 3 of these horses must complete a 90 day residency, her 2 companions are heading to Switzerland, while Nella is now so much closer to Singapore - her final destination.

    Nellas' new best friend

    It's easy to make new friends

    Nella has found a boyfriend already, it didn't take her long, but then she is very easygoing and likes to make friends, it is nice for her to meet new horses after only seeing the same 2 friends for the last month.

    Riders Lodge

    A lovely centre where you can go holiday, rider horses, play golf or just relax.

    Alana can go and see Nella every weekend. It is so easy to get there. Nella can start to do some work, and the grass at Riders Lodge is just so much better than the grass in the quarantine station in KLIA.

    Moving on

    Nella ready to load

    She is now into the final stages, Nella is all ready to move into Singapore quarantine. She will spend another 2 weeks in isolation so she can then move to her new home. We are now in mid May, 3.5 months after her arrival in Malaysia.

    Loaded and ready to go

    Nella had to load in the dark

    As the trucks go over the border in the coolest part of the day it means the horses get loaded at night - in the dark! 

    Singapore at last! 

    She has arrived in Singapore quarantine

    Two weeks here and then on to her final home. 

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