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    We are working on improving the care of horses whilst trying to help the environment

    Flying With Horses

    Want to know more about flying your horse?

    We've written an article that should answer some of your questions about flying your horse.

    Import & Export Services

    We can arrange all the paperwork for horses travelling into and out of Malaysia

    The import and export paperwork can be a minefield to negotiate, we can take that stress away from you to help make your horses movement trouble free.

    Quarantine Services

    Let us take care of your horse

    We endeavour to keep your horses safe and healthy whilst they undergo import or export quarantine. Their daily care is managed by people who are fully qualified in horse care. We know the signs of good health and will take remedial action if your horses do not look 100%.

    Rubber Stable Matting

    Rubber stable matting to help create a dust free environment

    There are many benefits to rubber flooring in stables, the rubber we supply is high quality and long lasting, not only does it help to prevent injuries but it also reduces the dust and minimises both waste and labour costs.


    High quality ribbon rosettes for any events

    A selection of colours and styles ensures that you have great rosettes for your event.  Personalised centres specially for your event are easily done.

  • Who We Are

    Our vision is to promote, develop and inspire within the equestrian community through education, support and professionalism

    Bev Whittel

    Bev Whittel is an equestrian expert based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With over 3 decades of experience, she has fine-tuned her abilities in the industry and turned them into skills. She holds Internationally recognised equestrian coaching qualifications and business management and sports management qualifications.



    Sue Crawford

    Sue Crawford  has over 40 years experience in the equine industry.  25 years’ experience of owning and managing a BHS, ABRS approved Exam and training centre with over 100 horses to care for on a daily basis. Specialising in the training, assessing and verifying of young people for the equine industry.  

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