• About Us

    We started in 2014, working with just horses, and have grown and developed since then expanding into the relocation of smaller animals. Having worked and owned animals all our lives we can understand how important they are to people and how they are part of the family.

  • Our Services

    We've got a top selection!

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    By Air or by Land?

    Horse Transportation

    We are experienced in flying and transporting your horses into and out of Malaysia, we have our own dedicated team and can keep you updated on the progress, where possible, during your horses journey. If you need your horse moving then please get in touch

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    Looking to relocate?

    Pet Relocation

    We are members of IPATA, a worldwide network of pet relocation specialists and suppliers. We have passed the stringent membership requirements of the IPATA organisation. By being a member our clients are assured that they receive excellent service and access to the support of the best providers in the industry

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    Something Different?

    Equestrian Services

    A variety of services for the Equestrian Industry, as people that have worked in the equestrian industry in many countries we have open minds and can often find solutions. Trained coaches and managers of equestrian centres helps us to see different aspects of the industry. Need help with something? why not contact us and see if we can help

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    Pet Import and Export

    Confused by branding?

    We found that by using the equestrian name people were confused and didn't realise that we relocate small animals, so we set up a website and pages with a different name, although all business trading is under Equestrian Support Services, however, on IPATA we are registered with Equestrian Support Services, which brings people here, so we are now working on merging the 2 sites together to avoid confusion, however we do send a lot of small animals around the world.

  • Who We Are

    We are a team that always reverts back to working with animals, primarily horses, but we have been pet owners throughout our lives. relocating horses are great, challenging at times, especially now with COVID causing so many worldwide problems, but its definitely rewarding reuniting families - as your horses are part of your family.

    Working in the Equestrian Industry in Malaysia, our vision is to promote, develop and inspire within the equestrian community through education, support and professionalism

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    Bev Whittel

    Bev Whittel is an equestrian expert based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With over 3 decades of experience, she has fine-tuned her abilities in the industry and turned them into skills. She holds Internationally recognised equestrian coaching qualifications and business management and sports management qualifications.



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    Sue Crawford

    Sue Crawford  has over 40 years experience in the equine industry.  25 years’ experience of owning and managing a BHS, ABRS approved Exam and training centre with over 100 horses to care for on a daily basis. Specialising in the training, assessing and verifying of young people for the equine industry.  

  • Contact Us

    Have an enquiry? Drop us a message below or send an email to us at Info@eqss.asia (for horses) & petsinkl@gmail.com (for small pets)

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