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    Pet Shipping Tips: Traveling Cabin vs. Cargo

    When you decide to fly with your pet(s), you have 3 options: In cabin, as excess baggage and Cargo. In this video Ashley Hart as pet travel specialist explains the differences between traveling Cabin vs Cargo.

    Pets on planes

    Captain Joe is explaining safety of pets while flying in cabin, as excess baggage and as cargo.

    International travel with your dog

    Max and Lee are sharing their experience on flying with their dog from Australia to Canada.

    International travel with your cat

    Hannah Shaw known as Kitten Lady is explaining her experience on flying with her cats.

    The strange cat behaviors

    In this video, you will learn about the strange cat behaviors  and the meaning behind them.

    Assembling A Dogit Cargo Flight Crate

    This video guides you how to assemble a Dogit Cargo Flight Crate correctly.

    Reducing Your Pet's Stress when traveling

    Tips on how to help reduce your pet's stress when traveling by car & airplanes

    Pet Crate Training

    Pets need crate training before flight.

    Pet Crate Measurement

    How to measure your pet for choosing a correct flight crate ?

    Potty Train A Dog

    In this video, Zak George shows you How to Potty Train a Puppy.