• Exporting your Pet

    The requirements for export differ from Country to Country, so depending on where you are heading to depends on how far in advance you need to plan. Here we list some of the basics.

    What your pet needs


    • Microchip
    • Current Rabies Vaccine
    • Standard Vaccines
    • Malaysia Pet Passport


    • Rnatt Test
    • Other Blood Tests
    • Deflea and Deworming records
    • Fit to fly letter



    Australia & New Zealand;

    • Start your plans 7 months ahead, you need to have current rabies vaccines followed by an Rnatt test (rabies antibodies) a month after the rabies vaccination
    • Further blood tests / deflea & deworming certification


    • As above plus,
    • Nipah blood test
    • Certain countries require de-worming within 5 days of travel


    • Rnatt test
    • Deworm & deflea certification

    Hong Kong

    • Quarantine booking - the waiting list is long, maybe over 6 months at times, so planning ahead is essential to get your pet booked in.

    Other countries;

    • As every country differs it is worthwhile making tentative enquires early on as to the requirements of that particular country. Sometimes, if all your paperwork is in order you can sit back and relax until a few weeks before your travel date.



    Travel Methods

    Excess Baggage;


    This means your pet is traveling with you, on the same flight and checks in at the same time as you check in. Where it goes on the plane can be called something different - in cabin (with you in the cabin) or in the hold (a pressurised area of the plane, which is where most people get confused and think this means cargo)

    Most airlines charge a flat fee per pet per sector, however some charge on an excess baggage rate, and have a per KG price, for big dogs this can work out expensive! Please check before you book your pet on your flight.

    The flight fee for the pet is usually paid at the airport when you check in. The other thing to note here is that if you have booked a code share flight they usually go by the rules of the actual airline. If you have a connection and you have mixed airlines you may well be expected to pay again at the transit airport and check in again, even though you wouldn't normally. Best to check with your agent before you make your flight booking!

    There are occasionally restrictions on carrier sizes, some pets cannot travel on some aeroplanes in some seasons.

    We can help you through this area, and even accompany you with check in.



    Cargo /Manifested Cargo / Unaccompanied Cargo;


    Don't get confused, these are all the same meaning. Some Countries have regulations that mean your pets can only arrive as Manifested cargo, this means you do not have the option of taking your pet as excess baggage. (UK, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand is just a few where Manifested Cargo is your only choice)

    You may be travelling, want your pet to arrive at a different time, there are many reasons for sending your pets as manifested cargo.


    The main differences are where your pet gets dropped off, the procedures for submission and the collection at the other end. They are usually placed in the same place on the plane, a pressurised section of the hold.


    Usually the total travel time is longer as the animals have to be at the airport earlier, and it takes longer to collect them on their arrival, sometimes you have to pay agents to clear them in the destination country too. Some airlines insist on a minimum layover time in order to allow your pets to have a proper rest before continuing on their journey.


    Some airlines have superb animal facilities and will make sure your animals are fed and watered and sometimes walked before onward travel. We always try to work with these airlines where possible when sending pets cargo.


    Import Permit;

    Some Countries require you to have an import permit; any further actions won't be able to be completed unless you have obtained an import permit. These can sometimes be done up to 6 months ahead, depending on the Country you are moving to


    Export permit;

    This ties in with the Health Certificate; only agents can obtain the export permit, and only once your pet has had the Health Check


    Government Health Check;

    This is done within a few days of travel; there may be other requirements that are attached to this, blood test results / deworming etc. The Country of Import decides this, so it depends where you are heading, but you should know this before you reach the week before!


    Customs Clearance;

    This is essential if your pet is travelling as Cargo.


    Any other documentation;

    If we are working with you then we help you with all the required documentation pertaining to the Country you are heading to. We ensure that there are enough copies and that the correct paperwork travels with your pet.

    What part do we play?



    There are many things to be taken into account when you relocate with your pets, we can discuss with you which options are best suited to your needs.


    Due to the many different factors involved we offer different levels of service based on your requirements


    Permit Only;

    All we do is obtain the export permit on your behalf. We send you a form to fill in with the details required and you send it back. Everything else is up to you!


    Our basic service offers;

    Assisting you by checking the paperwork, guidance whilst you do everything

    Organising the export permit

    Booking Cargo flights

    Arranging Customs clearance

    This service is generally all done over email


    Our standard service offers;

    Ensuring your pets documents are in order

    Arranging the Blood tests

    Letting you know the dates for your pets treatments

    Looking at different flight alternatives

    Liaising with agents at the other end

    Organising the Health Certificate

    Preparing all the paperwork for your pets travels

    Booking flights

    Customs clearance for cargo shipments

    Supplying pee pads and cable ties


    Bespoke Service;

    We can cater to any needs, we can transport your pets, arrange onward travel, pay all the fees at both ends and arrange door to door delivery. Whatever level of service you want, we are open to discussion.

    We can even accompany your pet and deliver your pet to your door in the destination country.


    IATA approved carriers;


    We can supply pet carriers, pee pads, cable ties and stickers, we can also help you prepare your carrier for travel, advise if it is a IATA compliant carrier and show you what needs doing to it.

    Even wooden purpose built carriers can be made if your dog is too big for a standard carrier



    Collection & delivery;

    We have a small van, so collection of your pets for the trip to the Airport is well within our capabilities.



    Blood Tests;

    All the blood tests (Nipah, Rnatt, E Canis etc) can be handled by us, all we need you to do is take your pet to the vet and have the blood drawn, this is also something we can also do on your behalf, if you cannot or do not have the time to do.

    We can recommend vets to use that have experience at this, who can provide the best samples of the required serum.




    Although we do not offer boarding ourselves we work with a partner, and there are a variety of other places that suit a variety of budgets that we can recommend. Long term boarding for pets is also possible, we can complete the whole process, import into Malaysia, all the testing and then out again!