• The Small Print

    Terms & Conditions


    All personal information & data provided by you to us upon confirmation of our services is confidential

    Equestrian Support Services (EQSS) will not be held liable for any delays or losses due to a change of airline route, policy or flight changes

    This quotation may change without prior notice

    Equestrian Support Services will do everything possible to ensure the safety of your pet(s) and provide quality service, however we will not be held liable should any accident, harm, loss of pet(s), mortality or death occur whilst under our care

    EQSS reserves the right to seek veterinary attention and medical services if necessary, at the owner’s expense

    EQSS holds no further responsibility once the pet(s), their documents and belongings are delivered to the airlines, or any third parties and left intheir possession

    EQSS aims to treat our clients and staff with courtesy and respect at all times. EQSS reserves the right to terminate its services at any point in time when the client is deemed unreasonable, difficultor uncooperative

    In view of the above stated, the undersigned hereby releases and waives all rights to claim against EQSS and its staff, members, consultants or agents, from any and all losses, damages, costs and expenses and/or any proceedings arising thereof


    Payment and Cancellation Policy


    Deposit payment to be made upon acceptance of the quote. Remaining sum to be settled 7 days before travel - or by instalments as agreed individually

    Payment in Malaysian Ringgits by bank transfer, or credit card (2.7% surcharge applies)

    Please take into consideration the bank charges of RM100 and the currency exchange rates when making full payment via overseas banks

    We can take payments in other currencies, should you wish to pay in another currency please ask us for further information

    We have a non-refundable fee of RM500 per pet PLUS any costs incurred, should you decide to cancel after the process has commenced, all other monies paid will be refunded

    Please note that we will not start work until a deposit payment has been received

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